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Farmers' force rose again to drive japaness out of korea

As reconciliation was reached with the farmers' force, the government asked China and Japan to withdraw their force from Korea.
However, Japan focused its diplomatic efforts on gaining support from the western powers and tried to find an excuse to wage a war with China.
At last, on June 21, Japanese force invaded into Palace Gyeongbok and put the King Gojong under house arrest and established a pro-Japanese government.

Japan also attacked a Chinese fleet anchored at Asan Bay, which triggered the war between Japan and China.
Jeon BongJun and others had been very concerned about war broken between foreign forces in Korea. But finally Joseon became a battlefield for the two foreign forces.
Jeon BongJun, who was paying a close eye on the political situation gathered its force at Samrei, Jeolla-Do on September 14 to fight against the Japanese invasion.
The northern wing, which had been only concerned about the safety of its own organization, also added force at Nonsan.

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