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Another victory at Jangseong

When the Jeolla province government force lost a battle to farmers on April 7, another force led by Hong GaeHun arrived at Jeonju.
Demoralized, Hong GaeHun asked for reinforcements to the government and occupied Jeonju on April 27.
He also pitched a camp at Wansan to wage a several offensive and defensive battles and suggested in a letter to the government of using foreign power to crackdown the uprising.
The government asked for Chinese reinforcements, which arrived in Korea on May 5 while Japanese troops also landed on Harbor Incheon on May 7th under the excuse of protecting Japanese living in Korea.
So Joseon became an arena for competition between China and Japan. Faced with the national crisis, farmers' troops came to reconciliation with the government after suggesting a reform agenda, which the government accepted.
They installed a autonomous association for farmers in Jeolla-Do and realized a self-ruling.

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