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Baeksan and Juksan

On March 21, 1894 (some say it is March 25) all the farmers coming from Jeongeup, Gochang, Mujang, Taein, Geumgu, Gimje, Buan, Yeongkwang and other areas gathered at Baeksan, Gobu.
Here Jeon BongJun was appointed by farmers as the commander in chief, Son WhaJung, Gim GaeNam as the vice-commanders and Oh SiYeong, Choe KyeongSun as the leaders.
Jeon BongJun and others set up the general headquarters at Baeksan and issued written appeals to call for an action.
They also announced action platforms.
The platforms were composed of four paragraphs as follows: "Do not kill people at random, and do not take away the cattle of the people.
Second, save the world and relieve the people by fulfilling our obligation of loyalty and filial piety.
Third, drive away the Japanese and follow the rules of reason. Fourth, execute the treacherous subjects by entering Seoul"

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