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Fire of revolution in Gobu

GAT night of January 10, 1894, farmers gathered at Yedong Village led by farmer's folk bands. After a long speech, ordered an
advance to the Gobu Office by dividing the farmers into two groups.

With the bamboo spears that they made, farmers occupied Gobu Office on January 11.
But it was after Jo ByeongGap disappeared already.
Thousands of angry farmers broke the prison to set innocent people free and opened the warehouse to get all the grain distributed to the nearby residents.

They demolished Manseokbo and took up a position around the Yedong Village, building mud walls at Baeksan.
Newly appointed governor, Park WonMyeong, took an aggressive appeasement policy and asked the farmers to disband promising to correct the wrongdoings.
Since farmers felt uneasy about the uprising getting more escalated, Jeon BongJun was forced to order disbanding even though he also wanted to occupy the rice warehouse at Hamyeol.
It was at that time that An YongTae, a government official, came into Gobu with over 800 policemen, arrested innocent farmers and plundered everything.
This earned bitter grudge from the farmers and jeon BongJun who went to Mujang to organize his groups again by persuading Son WhaJung who had the greatest force of Donghak at that time.

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