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Meaning and its influence

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Meaning and its influence

The Farmers Revolution

sparked by the Gobu Farmers' uprising in January 1894 was the first ever farmers' revolution on a nation-wide scale in Korea's history, started by the waking up of the public awareness. It was an opportunity to open a modern society in Korea.

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The first farmers' uprising was anti-feudal resistance movement searching for the freedom and people's rights while the second one was anti-foreign movement for the national independence and self-reliance to drive the Japanese army out of the Korean Peninsular.

The Farmers' Revolution was launched to overturn the feudal system of the society, which was based on the domination and subordination relationship and to build a new social and economic system based on the principles of equality, freedom and self-rule.

Even though the revolution failed by the combined power of the conservative noblemen class and the foreign force, its spirit has handed down to Save-the-Poor movement and Yeonghakdang movement, farther down to the loyal troop uprising/March 1 demonstration against the Japanese rule.

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